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Incendio is rooted in the technology industry. Having served clients such as Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Sony and many more, we know how to take a company from start-up to industry leader. We also understand the communication shifts required for each phase of a company's growth. Our breadth of experience includes almost all technology sectors, from cyber security to artificial intelligence to consumer devices.

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Incendio helps sports organizations utilize the latest marketing, communications and social media tactics to engage fans and sponsors, create memorable events and carry the brand outside of local markets.  Our campaigns help sponsors maximize their investment because we draw upon our vast knowledge of the latest technologies to transform fan and sponsor engagement. Our sports clients have included teams like FC Barcelona, the Boston Red Sox, Euroleague Basketball and ESPN.


Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications is rarely done right these days. Incendio guides clients on how to plan for a crisis and respond effectively. Our crisis communications experience includes the Trayvon Martin case, whistle-blower lawsuits. manufacturing injury and strikes, disease outbreaks and human rights crises in many countries. Clients have included Amnesty International, Mexico during the Swine Flu epidemic, Chief Judge Karen Clopton and several technology manufacturers.

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Mergers and Acquistions

Incendio is one of the few agencies that has a broad understanding of M&A communications and the global regulatory requirements associated with such announcements.  We have managed the M&A communications for privately-held companies all the way to overseeing complicated deals involving two publicly-traded companies operating out of two different countries with offices around the globe.  Beyond the M&A deal, we execute integration communications after the deal is done. 

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Incendio was founded on international communications. Our global capabilities and experience give us a well-rounded understanding of communications across cultures.  We have conducted campaigns in 30 countries, including global product launches, crisis communications, mergers & acquisitions, executive communications and media training. Our goal is to create messages that resonate with local and international audiences while remaining true to the persona and values of each brand and organization.

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With the success of TED talks, storytelling has become a critical part of any communications program. Stories move people. Told right, they create empathy and loyalty for the hero or heroine. A good story marries an emotional response with inspiration to change or act. Most business executives know how to deliver a key message or a talking point. They know how to talk about what’s good about their company or product. What they’re missing is a compelling story. Incendio helps executives master the art of storytelling.